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Dear Our Valued Guests,

Located right in front of the famous Danang Han market , bustling along the flow noise that calling "Life", Jang Mi Spa shows up as a magnificent beauty and softness, is one the most beautiful bass tones in a noisy soundtrack entitled “Street” , is the cool winds wish could eased the visitors almost are asphyxiate by the heat outside.

Jang Mi Spa is a long step forward by the intense belief in the development of the equal in society and our Special attention to single mothers in Central Vietnam that we have watched and supported during the last three year. As we have heard somewhere: give them a fishing rod rather than donate a fish. They are us and we are Jang Mi Spa-no fear-no backward step and always happy to get through difficulty. Thus, Jang Mi Spa is where awarded smile and spread happiness.

Our business has been known for 3 other campuses, located at very comfortable locations as:

1. Papaya Spa: 310 Nguyen Van Linh street, Danang (5 mins away from the international airport)

2. Lotus My Khe: 139 Nguyen Van Thoai Street, Danang (5 mins to the beautiful My Khe Beach)

3. Lotus Spa and wellness Danang: 210 Ho Nghinh Street, Danang (3 mins to Pham Van Dong Beach)

Every one of our services pays attention to the finer details – to provide customers with an unforgettable experience, tailored to their personal needs given with the highest level of thought, care and professionalism. We are constantly innovating to bring you the very best. Jang Mi Spa and all of our branches can truly provide the best choice for customers of all backgrounds and ages.
join Jang Mi Spa from now to give these single mother get a chance to provide their children dreams are closer and real .

Demand for Jang Mi Spa services is high, especially on weekends, we highly recommend appointments be made several weeks in advance. Please contact to us for any reservations with the information attached below:

Add: 134 Tran Phu Str, Hai Chau Dis, Danang.

Kakao Talk: Jangmispa

Email: jangmispadn@gmail.com

Tel: 0236 3537 117

Hotline: 0931 105 117

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